1. Urban Water Conservation Implementation Challenges and Opportunities

2. CUWA Urban Water Conservation Potential

3. Water Budget-Based Rate Structures: A New Look at an Old Idea

4. Evaluation of the Landscape Performance Certification Program

5. Residential Runoff Reduction Study;Statistical Analysis of Water Savings and Runoff Reduction

6. Statistical Analysis of ULF Toilet Replacement on the Monterey Peninsula

7. Orange County Water Futures Conservation Plan: Economic Methods and Models Overview

8. A Guide to Data and Methods for Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Urban Water Conservation Best Management Practices

9. Landscape Water Conservation Programs

10. Performance Standards for Demonstrating Urban Water Conservation

11. An Impact Evaluation of Home Water Surveys in Los Angeles

12. Ultra Low Flush Toilets in Commercial Installations

13. Is Demand Side Management Observable?

14. A Model-Based Evaluation of Irvine Ranch Water District Residential Retrofit and Survey Water Conservation Projects

15. Ultra-Low-Flush Toilet Rebate Programs in Southern California: Lessons For Water Managers and Planners

16. Continuous-Time Error Components Models of Residential Water Demand

17. A Model-Based Evaluation of the Westchester Water Conservation Programs

18. The Evaluation of Water Conservation Programs: What is Wrong with the Industry Standard Approach?

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