Modeling and Systems Analysis

1. Valuing Desalination as a Water Resource Alternative: Five Risk Related Issues

2. Continuous-Time Short-Term Models of Daily Water Demand in San Diego County

3. Botching Storage: Ten Avoidable Ways to Wrongly Value Storage Capacity

4. Valuing Water Transfers in an Integrated Resources Plan

5. Designing, Evaluating, and Implementing Conservation Rate Structures

6. Putting the Pieces Together: Intgrating Water Resources in IRP

7. A Systems Model of Local Supply and Demand for Water in Southern California

8. Putting the Pieces Together: Decision Support for Integrated Resources Planning Using IRPSIM

9. Ultra Low Flush Toilets in Commercial Installations

10. Is Demand Side Management Observable?

11. A Model-Based Evaluation of Irvine Ranch Water District Residential Retrofit and Survey Water Conservation Projects

12. Ultra-Low-Flush Toilet Rebate Programs in Southern California: Lessons For Water Managers and Planners

13. Continuous-Time Error Components Models of Residential Water Demand

14. Mapping the Conserving Effect of Ultra Low Flush Toilets: Implications For Planning

15. A Model-Based Evaluation of the Westchester Water Conservation Programs

16. Quantifying Water Forecast Uncertainty: Simulating Monthly Climate Measures

17. Quantifying Water Forecast Uncertainty: A Stochastic Simulation of Water Demand in Southern California

18. Leveraged Demand for Metropolitan Water: A Simultaneous Equations Model of Aggregate Demand and Local Supply

19. Statistical Analysis of Water Demands During the Current Drought

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