1. CUWA Urban Water Conservation Potential

2. The Tragedy of Common Benefits: Implementing Regional Conservation Anyway

3. Spatial Demand Allocation for Distribution System Design, Report No. 1P-4C-9093402/03-CM

4. Revenue Effects of Conservation Programs: The Case of Lost Revenue

5. Avoided Cost for Comparing Water Sources and Resources: Concepts, Controversies, and Guidelines

6. Valuing Desalination as a Water Resource Alternative: Five Risk Related Issues

7. Socioeconomic Impacts of Water Conservation, Report No. 1P-5C-90817-3/01-CM

8. Orange County Water Futures Conservation Plan: Economic Methods and Models Overview

9. A Guide to Data and Methods for Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Urban Water Conservation Best Management Practices

10. Economic Analysis of Regional Water Recycling Solutions in the San Francisco Bay Area

11. Botching Storage: Ten Avoidable Ways to Wrongly Value Storage Capacity

12. Wheeling-ness to Pay: Guidelines for Establishing System Wheeling Charges

13. Designing, Evaluating, and Implementing Conservation Rates

14. Implementing Water Conservation Rates

15. Efficiency and Profitability: Conservation Incentives for Investor-Owned Utilities

16. Why do you always tell me it depends when I ask you how big a sample I need

17. Designing, Evaluating, and Implementing Conservation Rate Structures

18. Valuing Conservation

19. Performance Standards for Demonstrating Urban Water Conservation

20. Guidelines For Preparing Cost-Effectiveness Analyses of Urban Water Conservation BMPs

21. Five Ways to Botch An Integrated Resource Planning Analysis

22. Putting the Pieces Together: Integrating Water Resources in IRP

23. Cost-Effective Cost-Effectiveness: Quantifying Conservation on the Cheap

24. Reference Document: Program Design Tool and Savings Estimates

25. Putting the Pieces Together: Decision Support for Integrated Resources Planning Using IRPSIM

26. The Conserving Effect of Ultra Low Flush Toilet Rebate Programs

27. Mapping the Conserving Effect of Ultra Low Flush Toilets: Implications For Planning

28. Improving the Evaluation of Water Conservation Programs

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